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Mobgeek Group is a global leading international advertising platform, and we are committed to be a 100 - year enterprise.

Mobgeek specializes in mobile advertising driven by the big data technology innovation, which devotes to analyze mass media,

target users and creative data and providing advertising marketing solutions for global enterprises.

As a mobile-focused advertising company, Mobgeek is leading a new generation of global advertising experience.

Mobgeek provides the best mobile marketing solution scheme for advertisers, and efficient, native, high revenue monetize publishers for

mobile media and developers.

We will build closed-loop ecological chain of mobile marketing, and provide one-stop solution for advertisers and publishers to obtain users

acquisition and monetize the traffic while incubating and developing high-quality game products.

Business of Mobgeek


Mobgeek API is an effective advertising platform based on mobile Internet to

attract high efficient target users for advertisers, to bring the maximum

monetization for media, to drive the innovation of advertising operation with

mature technology, and to achieve the best and most performance matching of

advertising and traffic. We connect the world’s most competitive offer with

massive media resources so that appropriate advertisements can be displayed to

displayed to the appropriate users.


MAXMOBI is leading data-driven mobile advertising traffic monetization platform, which

maximizes the realization of your products. Mobgeek bases on data as a driver, tries to

identify and analyze users with predictive algorithms, delivers the most appropriate

advertising to the best match, and pays efforts to ensure your efficient income growth by

machine learning technology. Maxmobi knows well how to continuously create maximum

value for your products by using large data.

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We provide global Mediabuy investment services to help you connect users and buyers

efficiently and accurately. We have many years of mature experience in traffic purchasing on

Facebook, AdWords, snapchat, vk and other platforms. The rigorous optimization of

professional optimization and design teams will bring you the greatest advertising returns

and target audience.

Make fans change into users, make users change into deeper.

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